MyGEDClass.com is a resource to help those interested in getting a high school equivalency diploma by passing a test (GED, HiSET, or TASC).

There are free resources and resources which are available for a negligible amount ($5 per school year).

I received about 300 emails asking for help or information this past year.

Anyone who emails me receives an answer usually with the following information:

You are welcome to study online here at www.MyGEDClass.com and get prepared for taking the GED Tests, but you will have to go in to a test center, show ID, and be monitored while you take the actual GED tests. That is the ONLY way to get your GED, I just want to be sure that is clear.

There is not and has never been, and never will there be an “online” GED test except for scams that charge you then send a worthless fake diploma.

Visit www.GED.com for more information and to start an account for the GED Testing Service. Once you start an account there you can pay about $6 to them and take GED Ready from home. The results will tell you if you are ready or not and if not, will suggest materials to study.

I'm glad you found us. However, my best advice is always to go in to an adult education center in your area because they can customize a plan to help you get ready, if that is possible for you. If you want to locate a local adult ed school, enter your zip code here- http://www.yourged.org/

The website, www.MyGEDClass.com , has a free part you can use and a part that has a small fee. The free part has links, a study plan, recordings of GED online workshops and you can email me anytime with any questions, all free. The live classes are on a set schedule but the times vary plus they are recorded.

The part with a fee allows you access to an excellent online software and also access to participate in the live GED workshops. There are several workshops each week, and a Math "Bootcamp' every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30 am eastern.

I charge $5 for you to use all that until June 30, 2014. I don't make any money on that, it's just that the director of the online live workshops recently said I had to charge something for students to participate because she didn't feel it was fair for some to have to pay, but not others.

All the other parts, including recorded workshops, are free and you are welcome to use them any time.

If you want the parts that cost $5, I don't do credit cards but I can send you my Paypal address or you could mail in funds.

There are other pay GED preparation programs online but just be careful because some are actually scams.

If you would like to join my new free Khan Academy class, go to www.KhanAcademy.org , get a Khan Academy account and under the Coaches tab enter the code- YFFZSP

Another newer site that may help is www.gedmathlessons.com/

Keep in touch if you have more questions or need help with a problem.



I am Brett Taylor. I work with the South Carolina Adult Education Department as a Training Specialist. I have assisted those trying to pass the GED for over a decade in Florida.

Feel free to contact me anytime by email at MyGEDClass@gmail.com or on Twitter @brettstaylor