Start the Free Online GED Study Plan

I am an experienced GED teacher and I am here to help you.

There is no charge, all I ask is that you let me know if you are using the plan.

I also encourage any feedback from you.

The best thing is for you to attend a local GED class in person, but many times that is not practical for adults, so use this site and contact me anytime for help. To find a local program click here-

STEP 1- Contact me, Brett Taylor.

Send me an email ( letting me know you want to start studying and tell me your name and where you live: City and State, please.

or if you are in Florida you can just email Donna Lawless directly at .

STEP 2- Pick the subject- (MATH, LANGUAGE,VOCABULARY, READING, SCIENCE, or SOCIAL STUDIES) you wish to start with and look below. Do all the assignments you need to.

Keep track of your time spent studying and email that to me every week.

The hardest part is being self-disciplined.

Stick to it and don't give up. I am your personal cheerleader so let me know if you need a little encouraging.

Update me on your progress weekly, please.



1st- Join my class for free on

Get a Khan Academy account and under the Coaches tab enter the code- YFFZSP then do the PreTest.

Here is a short video "How to Start Using Khan Academy"-

2nd- Go to

Take "Math Basics" and do the lessons..

Call or email me as soon as you finish the GCFLearnFree Classes-

3rd- Go to Click on the word "SUBJECTS" and do Basic Math- PreAlgebra and Multiplication Table if you need that.

4th- Go to explore the links

Email me for details- Brett

More math resources- CLICK HERE


Check these lessons-

Go to and do all the writing lessons.

Go to and do the interactive activities.

Go to and do all the Language lessons on that page. Email me with any questions and when you get finished.

More Language Arts and Reading Resources- CLICK HERE


Go to and do-Vocabulary Lessons (the main page) It automatically puts you at the right level, just keep working on it. Work on it everyday for at least 10 minutes.

B) Optional- "SUBJECTS" and do Math- PreAlgebra and English- Grammar and Vocabulary and Chemistry and Geography.

Go to > and do each lesson.

READING Go to- and do the Reading Lessons.

Go to- and Do the GED Practice Test, check your GED Score, look over the Glossary terms, do the Readings, and investigate the GED Links.


Science Games to help you learn-

Do the GED Practice Test, check your GED Score, look over the Glossary terms, do the Science Readings, and investigate the GED Links.

More Science Study Resources- CLICK HERE

SOCIAL STUDIES Go to: Learn to identify countries on a map.

Go to Do the GED Practice Test, check your GED Score, look over the Glossary terms, do the Social Studies Readings, and investigate the GED Links.

More Social Studies Resources- CLICK HERE

MORE GED resources

Keep track of the time you spend each day on these lessons.

Send me an email every Friday telling me approximately how many hours you worked.

To officially enroll in the Pinellas County GED Online Class you must live in Florida.

You must take the TABE tests unless you have already taken the GED and not passed.

Contact Donna at

Email Mr. Taylor at and let me know if you would like to study online for the GED Tests and I will explain what to do next.