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Yes, you can do PERCENTS

Watch the VIDEOS, go through the TUTORIALS page by page, do the WORKSHEETS, practice on other LINKS, then take the QUIZES.

Yes, you CAN do percents!

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EASY PERCENTS Problems like- Find 35% of 540

VIDEO(short)- How to do EASY percent problems.

TUTORIAL- Step by step how to do EASY percent problems.

WORKSHEET-Easy Percent Problems pdf (with answers).

HARD PERCENTS Problems like 40% of what equals 60? or 30 is what percent of 600?

VIDEO (short)- HARD percent problems.

TUTORIAL-How to do Hard Percent Problems (a step-by-step tutorial) . Step-by-step how to use proportions to solve problems like 3% of ____= 50

WORKSHEET #1 -Hard Percent Problems #1 pdf. With explanation, answers and some word problems.

WORKSHEET #2-Hard Percent Problems #2 pdf

WORKSHEET #3-Hard Percent Problems #3 pdf

LINKS to other good websutes with instruction and practice-

Amby Math Proportion Method explanation and problems to try, with answers.

FunBrain's Percent Penquin Easy, medium and hard problems to try Interactive percent problems. Commission Problems Things on sale Price with sales tax

Hard Percents GED Practice McGraw Hill Publisher


Glencoe has some short quizes for you. Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Test

Search for more percent resources- 1500 online learning games!